Looking Through Rose Colored Lens

As they continue to walk through the fire, I pray you walk with them and stand with them on the other side.

I remember as a child my Mom and her friend had the same eye glass frame. The only difference I could see was her friend’s had rose colored lens, she said it was medicine. Why she said that maybe a mystery. I wonder if these glasses revealed something or was it her way of keeping us from putting them on because of the prescription. Hmm prescription for what. I digress.

Like many of you I participated in our democracy by our voting. Whether I’m satisfied with the outcome is irrelevant. My opinion of the President and the Republicans actions are irrelevant. However my observation maybe. Are women responsible for the results of this election, especially women of color.

There is one particular group of women that have been the solid foundation of this country. They held their men in their arms trying to alleviate their pain and brokenness. If they couldn’t hold them physically they held them in their hearts. Many died fighting next to them and many died fighting for the same cause and fighting the false feeling of abandonment. They sat beside other women and stood with them fighting for achieved rights they were denied.

They have nursed children and took care of families that weren’t theirs, while their families received what was left. She watched her family being torn apart children taken the men in her life belittled. She was forced into relationships she did not want and entered into relationships in which she was not treated as an equal. Equality was her dream and that dream became a mission.

These amazing women have embraced all nations, regardless of how they’ve been taken advantage of. They used the hurt to fuel their endurance, and endured they have. Please do not be fooled into thinking their kindness as a weakness. Groups have been established to suppress the seed of their men and to confuse the sexuality’s of their offspring. They will endure they will overcome they will succeed.

I’ve asked myself why this election results are so controversial. My conclusion: It’s not the results. It’s who’s behind the results that the Powers that be cannot accept. It is written and it shall be. Do not honor these women, prevent them from being the nurturing helpmate she is meant to be and watch the consequences.

She has watched silently, patiently while she been imitated taken for granted. She stood by watching her children compromise, their lives taken without justification. She remained hopeful showed restraint presented forgives. Yet she has preserved. There remains a remnant of her nation. She is no longer looking through rose colored lens because she remembers The Source.