Non Traditional –

This Christmas will go down in history as a unique one.  We have so many  things to be grateful for and reasons to feel blessed. However this has been a challenging time, for many both emotionally and physically   This pandemic has affected everyone in someway.  I’ve seen and heard of the losses, but until someone you actually know scums to this deadly disease you realize just how raw your emotions can be.

I am aware that we all should have a degree of empathy, this time has shown me that there are some that seem to have a low degree that has broken my heart.  We are all apart of each other we all bleed red.

For the sake of argument let’s say this is a hoax.  Do we not care enough about each other that we cannot have enough empathy to just do what we’ve been asked not to admit defeat but to say we care enough to wish you peace of mind.  At the end of the day it is not about who is right or who is wrong. This is about survival. If this is a grand hoax and everyone is doing what the scientists are requesting and the numbers are the same.  They have been proven to be incorrect.  The truth will always come out.

It is truly amazing how the people that have been taken for granted under paid are the essential workers. These people that are on the front line that come to work to make sure we can have some degree of normalcy.  They are the heroes for the hour, I bet they have not received a raise or hazardous pay.  The healthcare providers have been extraordinary.  How can you see and smell death on a daily regular bases and maintain a sound mind.  Death seems to come fast and is ferocious, these healthcare providers do not have a talent they have a calling.  How else can they endure.  Fact or fiction?

So many time we’ve heard  follow the money.  This time I think it’s the facts against the trail of lies.

There is nothing new under the sun.  As of today there are over 80K cases over 1,750,000 deaths globally; in the United States the supposedly wealthiest nation in the world has over 18,000,000 cases over 331,000 deaths. Look at the numbers.

What this nation really need is the truth.  There must be true history true honor true justice true mercy. 

Once the truth is revealed the true people of the Most High can humble themselves and pray and seek their God’s face and turn from their wicked ways. Why is this being prevented? Why is the truth not told. Why are lies supported and presented as truth. We’ve tried t the way of the Liar, let’s give TRUTH a CHANCE.


Published by: Chayil Emunah

My name means ‘truth’ ‘faith’, however my spirit is an epitome of valor and virtue. I have always felt if I am the least in my world. That is why each day I strive to place my trust in The Most High God. I pray He see me as one who will fight like Joshua, as one who hides like Gideon, but most of all transform and strengthen me to be like the woman in Proverbs 31. My soul desire is to be an ‘Outstanding Woman’ a ‘Virtuous Woman’.